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Monitor™for DIY Camera & Sensors web monitor service

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Monitor™ is a WebCam image and time-series data monitor for your DIY Camera & Sensors. You can observe your WebCam image and sensor data remotely by your mobile.

Magic Label™, URL configurable pre-printed QR code sticker.

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Magic Label™ is a Pre-printed QR code sticker, which you can stick everywhere, you can configure the URL to jump to when scanned. Let's bring a few pieces of Magic Label™, so you can make your QR codes sticker without bothering label printers.

Koshint™, software protection for your application.

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Koshint™ is a service whose purpose is to provide an out-of-the-box solution of copy protection and remote execution permission control functionality to your application running on Linux (x86 and arm) and Mac(x86).

Pokéctiveness2, the pokedex for battle.

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Pokéctiveness2 is a Mobile Web application aimed to support your Pokemon battle. You can quickly find out your opponent's weaknesses to win with it.

mh-z19, Python library to get CO2 concentration value from MH-Z19 sensor module.

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mh-z19 is a sensor library of MH-Z19 ambient CO2 concentration sensor on the Raspberry Pi. Detect Raspberry Pi model automatically and read value from appropriate serial device.

pondslider, Versatile sensor handler that handle various sensors in the same way

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