# Atelier Ueda

Atelier Ueda is an atelier to making software and relating pieces of stuff that are novel, never before, unconventional, and slightly weird but useful. I hope you enjoy it and I'm happy if you like it and use it.

# Products

# Monitor™

Monitor™ is a web service to show WebCam image and time-series data which are posted from your DIY Camera & Sensor devices. Monitor™ provides the data browsing feature to your DIY camera & sensor system that implemented on the board computer like a Raspberry Pi. Monitor™ is designed to achieve the following features:

  • Easy: Out of the box software for getting and posting sensor or webcam data is available. No need for programming.

  • Low network bundwise consumption: Monitor™ provides still image monitoring feature whose usage of network bandwidth is extremely smaller than movie monitoring. In case your system is running on the pay-as-you-go network, this can reduce payments for the network. For example, In case even using the international 3G network operator, it is possible to reduce network payment under 10$ payment a month with increasing the sending interval.

For more detail, refer Monitor™ site.

# Magic Label™

Magic Label™ is the world-changing product which is a pre-printed QR code label sticker you can set any Web address later, contrary to ordinary QR code which is created and printed from a predetermined Web address. The pre-printed QR code has the following advantages:

  • No printer required: Because of pre-printed, no need to prepare printer. Instead of heavy, bulky, and expensive printer devices, just light, thin and inexpensive Magic Label™ is enough to carry around for providing QR code everywhere any time.

  • Easy to Use: For the first time reading the Magic Label™ by QR code leader, you are led to the Web address setting site. After Web address has been set, this works as an ordinary QR code, which means on the subsequent reading you are led to the Web address which is set.

For more detail, refer Magic Label™ site.

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