# Projects by Dr. Takeyuki UEDA

# Open Source

# Pypi

  • getrpimodel: Get Raspberry Pi model Name(eg: A, B, B+...)
  • mh-z19: Read CO2 concentration from mh-z19 sensor on the Raspberry Pi & handle it. Detect Raspberry Pi model automatically and read the value from an appropriate serial device.
  • pondslider: Multipurpose sensor handler, read sensor & do somethings (send, save, trigger, ...) with the value.
  • error-counter: Error Counter: Count error (e.g. network error) beyond process boundary, then issue fix command when exceeded threshold.
  • incremental-counter: Persistent counter.
  • sensorhandler: Multipurpose sensorhandler, read the value from source & do somethings (send, save, trigger, ...) with it, as configed. This project has evolved into pondslider mentioned above.
  • piserialnumber: Get Raspberry Pi serial number


# Go package

  • cache: Simple cache implementation for general purpose, especially intended for use inside the server.
  • assets: Simple assets server.
  • hid: CreateHashID function.
  • FrancisAlbert: supplementals for go-gin
  • persistentint: Persistent Counter.
  • erapse: show erapse time of function

# GitHub

  • gc_setups: set up shell collection for Raspberry Pi.
  • gc_ap: shell scripts to setup Raspberry Pi as WiFi access point.
  • gc_modem: shell scripts to setup 3G dongles on Raspberry Pi.
  • opencv_staffs: OpenCV staffs on Raspberry Pi.
  • view2 UVC camera interface for pondslider.
  • pi2cdetect: Python interface to detect I2C device address list connecting on the bus.
  • clock_note:
  • dht22: DHT22 interface for pondslider.
  • gc_nmea: GPS support with NMEA protocol
  • handlers: sample handlers of PondSlider.
  • PokemonTypeEffectivenessData: Json Data of Pokemon Type Effectiveness.
  • HS: Home Station.
  • tornado_base: A framework of tornado for modularity
  • hypha: connection to the rhizosphere.
  • rhizosphere: root server for collaborative devices
  • PYT: La Pendule avec You Tube
  • GetRPimodel_cpp: C++ Header only library to get Raspberry Pi model Name(eg: A, B, B+...) and secondary informations provided a table https://elinux.org/RPi_HardwareHistory.
  • biff: postoffice mail notifier
  • avis_courrier: paper mail delivery notification with USB Camera
  • slider: A simple data collector.
  • monitor: A simple data monitor.
  • cputemp: Raspberry Pi CPU temperature
  • ssdp: The Server Side Device Programming
  • gc13: mult uvc webcam angle check on RPi.
  • bibliotheque: 自分図書館(jibun toshokan: private library)
  • ndlsearch: Japan National Diet Library bibliographic search
  • pic-a-book: a record of books with bar cord reader
  • statelog: push RPi state to remote monitor & do necessary task on
  • sdt: Set RPi DateTime from Web.
  • say: Speech synthesis application on Raspberry Pi
  • ffhls: hls of /dev/video0 by ffmpeg
  • addwpa: Set WPA key & SSID from /boot/addwpa.txt file.
  • CultiLog: Cultivation Log for planting, harbest.
  • Backup-Pi: Backing up and Restoring your Raspberry Pi's SD Card using Raspberry Pi.
  • HumidityDeficit: 飽差の計算